About our approach to project development.

Immersion in Our World

We focus on solving complex problems using various technologies. Our main goal is to find the most effective solution to maximize the uptime of the product.

Each project is like a new interesting adventure for us with its own difficulties that need to be overcome. The driven design and new technologies help us to achieve excellent results.

Main directions

  • Web Backend & Frontend
  • Console applications (Windows & Linux)
  • Desktop applications (Windows & Linux)
  • Mobile application (iOS & Android)
  • Game development (Godot)

Despite new technologies, sometimes the best solution to ensure the fast processing of large amounts of data is to use simple tools.
A striking example is our project written in c++ (linux console) that synchronizes many office programs in real-time.

Hexyden Office Software Connector console

However, sometimes more complex architectural solutions are required, as in one of our highload microservice approach projects and one of our automation projects

We have experience in game development as well.

Hexyden Game development

Microservice approach

Real estate highload project

In this project were used: microservice approach, message broker, database replications, redis push notifications and socket.io client connection.

Hexyden: Real estate project schema

Software connector

Automation of the production process.

OrderLayer - is a software to connect Magento shop with Orgamax and UPS. Desktop and web interfaces.

  • Auto synchronization processes.
  • Print UPS label.
  • Multi-connection.
Hexyden: OrderLayer project schema
Hexyden: OrderLayer project schema
Hexyden: OrderLayer project code